We’ll insure most watercraft

If it costs $350,000 or less and is 50 feet long or less, we will probably insure it. We provide a list of the commonly insured types of boats, but if your boat isn’t listed, that doesn’t mean we won’t insure it. Give us a call and we’ll figure out how we can ensure your watercraft.

Navigation Plan not needed

Our insurance policies, don’t require you to submit a navigation plan showing us where you’ll be boating (like many other boat insurance companies will). As long as you’re boating in the United States or Canada on a lake, river, or within 75 miles of ocean coast, it doesn’t matter where you’ll be enjoying your boat.

We offer popular and easy policies

The following is a list of a few of the coverages we provide. You can also read more about other boating insurance.

  • Total loss replacement
    If your boat is one model year old or less, you can get total loss replacement coverage. With this special coverage, if your boat is totaled within five model years, you can choose between getting a brand new boat or a check in an amount equal to what you paid for your boat. And if your boat is totaled outside the five model year window, don’t worry, we’ll still give you a check for the original purchase price of the boat. You read that right – no valuation appraisals, no depreciation taken out and no hassle. Just simple, complete boat replacement coverage.For example, imagine that you bought your boat four years ago in brand new condition at a cost of $25,000. Four years later, it’s valued at $15,000 just before it’s totaled. Many other insurance companies will just write you a check for $15,000 since that’s the market value of the boat given it’s depreciation over four years. But that’s not how we roll at Progressive. If a new boat costs $25,000, that’s how much you’ll get from us.
  • Propulsion Plus: mechanical breakdown coverage
    No coverage for wear and tear – you’ve heard that exclusion before, whether it’s insurance for your car, home or motorcycle. But did you know that if your inboard or outboard motor has a mechanical breakdown due to wear and tear, you could still be covered? You heard that right: we’ll pay to repair or replace the upper and lower units of an inboard/outboard motor or the lower unit of an outboard motor should you suffer a mechanical breakdown due to wear and tear.
  • Sign and Glide: towing coverage
    Are you stranded on your boat? If you need a tow, jump start, delivery of fuel or soft ungrounding, give us a call (you can find the number on your boat insurance card) and we’ll get you home. And most of the time, we’ll even make the towing arrangements and pay the tow operator for you.