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Contrary to popular belief, your landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal possessions if they’re damaged or stolen, so if you want to protect them, you need to get renters insurance Melbourne FL. Here’s what renters insurance covers:

Personal Property

Renters insurance covers your personal property like furniture, clothing, TVs, and electronic equipment. It pays to replace this property when it’s lost or damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, explosions, wind and water damage (excluding floods).

There are two types of personal property coverage:

1. Cash value coverage, which pays the depreciated value of your damaged or stolen property.

2. Replacement cost coverage, which pays the full amount of your property. Replacement cost insurance, costs a little more than cash value insurance, but it’s worth the extra cost to get full coverage.

Renters insurance Melbourne FL pays a good amount of expensive items like jewelry, furs, collections, etc., but you probably want to get additional insurance in the form of a rider to cover these items.

Personal Liability

If someone were to slip and fall in your residence, you could be sued and be liable for thousands of dollars in damages. Renters liability insurance pays for claims made against you by another person for bodily injury or property damage.

Best Renters Insurance Price

Insurance prices vary dramatically from one company to the next, so the first thing you need to do is to set up an appointment with us so we can compare different companies based on what you want  so you can get the best rate.

Reasons Why You Should Have Renters Insurance Melbourne FL

Many people who rent are in financial circumstances where every part of the penny counts. As such, renter’s insurance could be one of the expenditures that are left off of the financial plan. This is very dangerous because renters can be exposed to the similar issues as homeowners in many respects and in some circumstances the risk can be greater.

Like homeowners, renters also have a personal property that requires being protected from theft. Also, renters need to have some individual liability coverage in the event where someone can get injured in their home or apartment due to one reason or the other.

Renters also need to be protected from the natural calamities that comprise of tornadoes, storms, floods and windstorms. Renters should also be conscious that they can be at greater risk for theft or fire, since every unit is linked to another. A fire can begin in one apartment and then spread to the rest of the building very rapidly. Thieves also incline to search for the apartments as it is easier to come and go unseen.

One of our experienced agents will be happy to walk you through:

  • Temporary living expenses: Under some circumstances when you are evacuated from your home, some renter’s insurance policies can shield the cost of any short-term housing, as well as additional expenses for food, or clothing, and other requirements during a catastrophic event.
  • Loss due to poor electrical, gas or water connections: If an electrical fire takes place or some grave gas or water leak occurs at any point of time, the landlord’s insurance usually does not protect your personal property.
  • Add-on your Auto Insurance: If your car is lifted or smashed, most auto insurance policies do not shield your personal property that was inside your vehicle. Renters insurance can offer added coverage so that your stolen personal items can be exchanged.
  • College students: Being a college student, you can take into account having renter’s coverage as well. While many homeowners’ policies can offer supplementary coverage for college dorms, the charge for this coverage may be more than a renter’s policy and may not provide as many extra benefits.

Choosing the Policy

While cost is vital, think wisely about what you require in the renters insurance coverage and select the best policy for your requirements, not essentially the cheapest policy.  Make sure you have a complete list of all of your treasures, to get the correct coverage amount when you come for an appointment to get your renters insurance Melbourne FL.

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