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Make Life Insurance Your Financial Safety Net

Life insurance can help your family maintain the lifestyle they’ve grown to love and provide longer-lasting financial security. Your family can use it to help pay for funeral expenses, housing costs, medical bills not covered by health insurance, children’s college, debts and just about anything else they may need.

Getting your life insurance Melbourne FL with us can remove many of your financial worries. Just get a life insurance quote today, check these worries off your list and your family could be better protected.

Life Insurance in Melbourne, FL

Amy M. Taylor, 32 years old, just purchased a life insurance
policy with us to protect her daughter Olivia for only $19/month.

Financial security from life insurance

Life insurance can’t prevent the death of the insured, but it can prevent financial ruin from an untimely and unexpected passing. Protect your family and loved ones by getting a life insurance quote, quickly and easily.

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Affordable Premiums as Low as $14 per month

Despite what you might think, life insurance in Melbourne FL is very affordable. We offer monthly premiums as low as $14 per month* providing anywhere from $50,000 to $1 million in coverage.
Rates will depend on a variety of factors, but generally speaking, the healthier and younger you are, the cheaper your monthly premiums will be.

How life insurance works

Life insurance is made up of several components, including the insured, a beneficiary, and an event that will trigger coverage. The event that will trigger coverage is the death of the insured, and the beneficiary is the person who will receive the insurance proceeds or death benefits.

When you buy a life insurance policy with yourself as an insured, you will pay premiums for a period of time, such as 10 years, 30 years or the rest of your lifetime. Depending on the terms of the life insurance policy, premiums can be paid each month, quarterly or yearly. After you die, the life insurance policy will pay the death benefit to the beneficiary. This death payment is usually made in one lump sum, but can sometimes be paid as an annuity.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Typically gives the most bang for your buck with the most affordable premium payments and a comparable payout. As long as premiums are paid, the policy lasts the selected term length (standard options are 10, 15, 20 and 30 years).

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Insurance

Gives a guaranteed payout no matter when you pass away, as long as you keep paying your premiums. Plus, funds can often be withdrawn from your policy. These funds are known as the cash value of your life insurance policy.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Offers more affordable premium payments and a lower payout amount. This type of life insurance is designed for paying off your final expenses, such as medical bills, credit card debt, funeral and burial costs, etc.

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