Insurance PolicyDid you get your insurance policy from a bubble gum machine, or did you have a knowledgeable agent sit down with you and review what your coverage should be in order to properly and adequately protect you from losing everything you worked so hard to build?  That is exactly what you will get when you schedule an auto or home insurance check up with a certified agent at Shoff Insurance Advisors, Inc.  We comply by the state regulations, FOIR: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. We also build relationships through an understanding of our customers needs and then translate that into a policy that will be there to protect them and provide for them when the time comes.

Taking the time to discuss your insurance policy, discover what unprotected assets you have now and what amount of coverage you should have, but will also allow you the peace of mind that if that fateful day ever arrives in the future, that you are in good hands and that all will be taken care of properly.  “Full Coverage” doesn’t mean anything if your limits of protection are at the state minimum.   In other words, you wouldn’t insure your $250,000 home for $25,000 so why insure your other assets in the same manner.

Schedule a Personal Financial Review today.  You may be surprised at what you just might find out.  In closing, remember to let the bubble gum for kids!


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