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What Happens If You Lie on a Car Insurance Application?

Although your mom probably told you never to tell a lie, the truth is that most of us tell little white lies when it suits. We might do this to spare a friend’s feelings or to extricate ourselves from a potentially difficult situation. Why Would You Lie? The main reason why most people lie when filling in their car insurance is because they are trying to save money. In many ways, this is entirely understandable. After all, auto insurance for a large proportion of applicants is expensive, and if you are a young driver it may well be prohibitively so. [...]

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Teen Car Insurance

Teen Car Insurance Overview: The freedom and independence that driving gives to a teen is exhilarating, but we can all agree that it comes with a lot of stressing and worrying about getting a teen car insurance.  Every state has a unique set of laws created to make sure your teen is ready to drive. Enforcing these laws and making sure that you create your own set of rules, can help ensure that your teenager is ready to make smart decisions. Safety First Sit with your teen and answer all the questions he has. Educate your self first researching online [...]

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