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7 Ways to Get a Car Insurance Discount: 2013 saw a near ten percent drop in car insurance premiums in the United Kingdom, with average annual costs now at just under six-hundred pounds for comprehensive insurance. However, car insurance premiums are certainly still not something to scoff at, and premiums for younger and less experienced drivers can still be prohibitively expensive. With rising fuel costs, running a car is already expensive enough, so it is important to cut costs when you can. These following seven tips can get you a car insurance discount. 1 – Think Before You Buy a [...]

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6 Factors That Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

If you drive a car, you need to have car insurance. Car insurance provides you with valuable protection and shields you from liability in the event of an accident. Car insurance is so important that states require their drivers to have it. If you fail to insure yourself and your vehicle, you could lose your driving privileges and face fines and other penalties. Many drivers are confused about the factors that go into determining their insurance rates. Understanding the factors car insurance companies use to set their rates can make shopping easier and help you get the best policy for [...]

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Stopping Car When it is Out of Control

How stopping car when it's going out of control? This is not something most people spend their time thinking about. The fact is that while cars these days are incredibly safe overall, there are times when a driver has to deal with a car that stops responding as it should. There are a number of reasons why a car could careen out of control, but knowing what they are and how to manage each situation will help you stay safe in the long run. Sometimes cars suffer brake failure. You press down on the brake pedal like normal, only to [...]

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Is Your Insurance Policy Trustworthy?

Did you get your insurance policy from a bubble gum machine, or did you have a knowledgeable agent sit down with you and review what your coverage should be in order to properly and adequately protect you from losing everything you worked so hard to build?  That is exactly what you will get when you schedule an auto or home insurance check up with a certified agent at Shoff Insurance Advisors, Inc.  We comply by the state regulations, FOIR: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. We also build relationships through an understanding of our customers needs and then translate that into [...]

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Towing Insurance in Your Policy

Here are some reasons why adding towing insurance services to your car policy can prove to be very useful: Expense – You can never predict when you might require the assistance of a tow truck. At any time while driving, your vehicle could malfunction, rendering it either unsafe to drive, or unable to do so. This would require you to obtain towing services. If you are many miles away from your auto mechanic, or even out of town, the cost of having your vehicle towed can prove to be quite expensive. By adding towing services to your auto insurance policy [...]

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What Happens If You Lie on a Car Insurance Application?

Although your mom probably told you never to tell a lie, the truth is that most of us tell little white lies when it suits. We might do this to spare a friend’s feelings or to extricate ourselves from a potentially difficult situation. Why Would You Lie? The main reason why most people lie when filling in their car insurance is because they are trying to save money. In many ways, this is entirely understandable. After all, auto insurance for a large proportion of applicants is expensive, and if you are a young driver it may well be prohibitively so. [...]

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