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If you switch to one of our policies, you’ll save a ton of money. The average driver saves over $500 when they switch to one of our policies – and that’s not even counting all the potential discounts! To find out how much you could save and what discounts you’re eligible for, request an insurance quote for your vehicle. It’s really that simple.

Car Insurance Discounts Available from our Policies

1. Get your quote online

Typical discount: 7%

One of the easiest discounts available. It even applies if you get your insurance over the phone, just as long as you start the process online.

2. Homeownership

Typical discount: depends

If you own your home, there’s a discount for that, even if you insure your home with another insurance company.

3. Safe-driver

Typical discount: 29%

If you get this discount, you should be proud – it’s only available to those without a ticket or at-fault accident within the last three years. And the best part? You can lower your premiums by almost 30%!

4. Policy bundling

Typical discount: 5-12%

If you have one or more policies with us, you’ll get a discount. Most people typically bundle their home and auto insurance, but it can be any combination of insurance – motorcycle and home, renters and boat – the possibilities are almost endless. There’s even the potential for specific discounts for each individual insurance policy.

5. Minor driver

Typical discount: depends

If your child is 18 years of age or younger and has a driver’s license, they’re eligible for this discount.

6. Good student

Typical discount: depends

A student who has all B’s or better is a smart student, which in turn makes them a smart driver. Smart drivers mean safer roads, which mean lower insurance rates, and we pass those savings on to you. The good student discount is also available if your student is away at college or another school that’s at least 100 miles away and is 22 years of age or younger.

7. Consistent car insurance

Typical discount: depends

We offer a discount for drivers who have consistently maintained car insurance coverage. So if you haven’t had any gaps in coverage or policy cancellations, you’re eligible for this discount. And the longer you’ve gone without a gap or cancellation, the bigger the discount. This discount applies even if the consistent coverage involves another insurance company.

8. Multi-vehicle

Typical discount: 10%

Put multiple vehicles on a policy or combine your policy with almost anyone else you live with who drives and voila – another discount! And no, you don’t even need to be related to the second driver.

9. Automatic bill pay

Typical discount: depends

As if the discounts never end, there’s a discount for policyholders who pay their monthly premiums automatically. Reduce the risk of a late or forgotten payment by setting up automatic bill pay and we’ll take care of the rest. With automatic bill pay set up, you’ll still be able to see how much each month’s premium costs before paying.

10. Paid in full

Typical discount: depends

Rather not have to worry about another bill each month? No problem! You can get a discount by paying for your entire six month car insurance policy all at once. Note that the paid in full discount cannot be combined with the automatic bill pay discount.

What’s not to love?

  • You can get as many discounts as you’re eligible to receive
  • Don’t worry about getting too many discounts. All that money saving won’t reduce coverage or alter deductibles.
  • Almost every driver we insure (95%), gets at least one discount.
  •  Discounts are just one way you can save money on car insurance. Find out how you can save more on car insurance.

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