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We have boat insurance Melbourne FL policies that makes it easy to get your boat on the water, and ready for fun, without worrying about how to get insurance for it. We don’t require you to abide by travel limitations, inform us of where you’ll be using your boat, or have your boat inspected before we insure it. Feel safe on the water without the hassle.

Get your boat covered today. Just go online and get an insurance quote. And getting a quote just requires you to give a few details about your boat – that’s it! It’s really that simple.

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Daniel Hopkins just purchased a boat insurance policy with us for only $23/month . His kids Noah & Jake are having a fun time.

Go Boating Anywhere

If you insure your boat with us, you’ll be covered anywhere in the United States or Canada, as long as you’re on a body of water. We’ll even cover your boat on the ocean, as long as you stay within 75 miles of the coast.

No Boat Inspection Needed

Before they’ll insure your boat, many other boating insurance companies require a marine survey, which is basically a boat inspection. We don’t do this. And besides the hassle and delay before your boat is insured, boat inspections are expensive – they typically cost $20 per foot. This means you’ll have to pay $200 to have a 10 foot boat inspected. That’s almost the cost of insuring your boat with us for two years! And like our vehicle insurance, we have plenty of boating insurance discounts available.

Type of Boat Insurance

We’ll Insure Most Watercraft

If it costs $350,000 or less and is 50 feet long or less, we will probably insure it. We provide a list of the commonly insured types of boats, but if your boat isn’t listed, that doesn’t mean we won’t insure it. Give us a call at 877-210-6339 and we’ll figure out how we can insure your watercraft and get you the best boat insurance Melbourne FL possible.

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