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Florida Public Adjuster Laws Create an Uphill Battle Toward Settling Insurance Claims Introduction New state laws largely impact the help that homeowner’s insurance holders can expect from a Florida public adjuster. Legislation has reduced the typical claim that a homeowner could be awarded from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, a state-backed insurer. Many Florida public adjusters feel that the changes are unconstitutional. Duties of a Florida Public Adjuster A policyholder who has suffered a real property or an automobile-related loss may seek representation from a Florida public adjuster. If you have property damage that resulted from occurrences such as a storm [...]

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Boat Insurance Tips

Boat Insurance tips - While shopping and purchasing insurance for your car is commonly a straight-forward process that involves comparing just a few options and making a decision, shopping for and purchasing boat insurance can be a daunting undertaking.  The reason is because with boat insurance, there are many more variable components to the coverage and risks associated with a boat. For example, insuring a boat will require coverage not just for the hull of the boat itself, but also the engine and any other electrical components that are required for the boat to operate correctly. Many times, the engine [...]

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How Home Improvements Can Affect Your Home Insurance

The cost of moving home and uncertainty in the housing market means increasing numbers of people are choosing to carry out home improvements rather than sell. The right home improvements can add as much as twenty percent to the value of your property. Some simple DIY projects can help to improve your home and make it a more pleasant environment to live in. For larger renovations, such as building extensions, it’s usually makes sense to appoint professional contractors. It’s important to understand that carrying out home improvement projects can have implications for your home insurance. Some projects can make your [...]

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4 Home Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these 4 home insurance mistakes that homeowners tight on cash make. There are plenty of ways to reduce costs, but insurance isn’t the first place that should be trimmed, experts warn. “We are all concerned with saving money and it is important to shop around when looking for insurance coverage,” says Loretta Worters, a spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Institute. “However some people are reducing their coverage or dropping important coverage plans altogether to try to save money and this can leave you dangerously under-insured in the event of a disaster.” According to insurance experts, when it comes to [...]

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Is Your Insurance Policy Trustworthy?

Did you get your insurance policy from a bubble gum machine, or did you have a knowledgeable agent sit down with you and review what your coverage should be in order to properly and adequately protect you from losing everything you worked so hard to build?  That is exactly what you will get when you schedule an auto or home insurance check up with a certified agent at Shoff Insurance Advisors, Inc.  We comply by the state regulations, FOIR: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. We also build relationships through an understanding of our customers needs and then translate that into [...]

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Flood Insurance in Florida

June 1st kicked off another Hurricane Season here in Florida and judging by how crazy the weather has been already this year, it would be a good idea to make sure you are prepared for anything. Flood insurance doesn’t just cover a tidal surge, but also rising water. It is often thought that a home will never flood because there is a great drainage system nearby or that the home is the highest point on the street. While this sounds like great reasoning on the surface, keep in mind that the unexpected is normally what causes most claims. Drainage ditches [...]

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