Why Should I Buy A Life Insurance Policy?

When done right, life insurance is a wonderful way to complete your financial plan. But when should you buy life insurance, and what kind of plan should you get? At Shoff Insurance in Melbourne, Florida, we help you navigate these questions and more.  When you purchase a life insurance policy, you enter into a contract with your provider. In exchange for a monthly or yearly premium, your beneficiaries receive a predetermined amount of funds in case of your passing away. Life insurance is great because it is designed to protect those who may depend on you for financial support. Unfortunately, [...]

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Choosing The Best Home Insurance Melbourne

As you shop for insurance in Melbourne, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the countless numbers of insurers, all claiming to provide the best service and savings. The process can be stressful, but protecting your most valuable asset is no small chore. As you search, know these few crucial facts. Know Your Budget A common error made by hurried homeowners is to settle for a conveniently low premium without considering other costly factors. The few dollars you save monthly will be of little use to you if the deductible is entirely beyond your means. As you compare rates for home [...]

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Storm Insurance

Storm Insurance - Get Protected! Protect your self with a storm insurance policy. Whether it is a winter blizzard, a summer hurricane or a spring thunderstorm, a sudden change of weather can put the safety of your family and the integrity of your home at risk. That is why it is important to prepare carefully and know what steps to take before the storm hits. Taking a few proactive steps now can protect your home and family later. Have an Evacuation Plan in Place. No matter where you live, a dangerous weather event could mean evacuating your home. It is [...]

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Antiques Insurance

If your home and assets are different from your neighbor’s, why your home insurance coverage should be the same. It makes no sense. Now thru Shoff Insurance Advisors, Inc. in addition to your standard coverage (liability, guest, personal/property and dwelling) you are able to insure your special and unique assets such as: antiques insurance for your antiques, (which you can get them appraised at: http://antique-appraise.com/), business products, sports equipment, electronic data such photos and video and musical instruments. In addition to this you could also add a identity theft restoration that will help you cover the cost of legal fees, [...]

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Car Insurance Discount

7 Ways to Get a Car Insurance Discount: 2013 saw a near ten percent drop in car insurance premiums in the United Kingdom, with average annual costs now at just under six-hundred pounds for comprehensive insurance. However, car insurance premiums are certainly still not something to scoff at, and premiums for younger and less experienced drivers can still be prohibitively expensive. With rising fuel costs, running a car is already expensive enough, so it is important to cut costs when you can. These following seven tips can get you a car insurance discount. 1 – Think Before You Buy a [...]

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Renters Insurance Discounts

Are you a long-term renter or an apartment-hopper? Either way, it’s important to protect your belongings. Though renters insurance is already affordable, there are many ways to save and get your costs down even further. Check out these great renters discounts:   Multi-policy discount Adding renters insurance to a standard auto policy can help you save. Safe home discount Save up to 15% if your rental is equipped with qualifying safety devices and services, like a security system or fire alarms. Easy pay plan If you sign up to have your renters insurance payment automatically withdrawn from your checking or [...]

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